Friday, January 27, 2012

The PERFECT wedding frame...So many uses

One of the most lovely and versitile wedding photo frames...
Of course a frame holds a photo but did you ever think of putting
a poem in perhaps.  A lovely printed list of the wedding party displayed 
at the head table.  Maybe give these away as a gift to the members of the wedding party with a peronalized note in each.  There are so many ways to use this frame
these are just a few ideas...maybe you will think of another way :-)

Monday, January 23, 2012

Valentines Day is on its way...

So Valentines Day is close and I am feeling the love <3
Here are some amazing gift ideas for your special someone
For more ideas check out

Friday, January 13, 2012

Baby shower picture frame favors. Getting ready for the new arrival!

One thing I have found as a woman in her mid 30's is that some things that should be super simple and fun are instead difficult and time consuming.  That is why I recommend these great baby shower favor picture frames for your next planned event.  Each frame holds a wallet size photo and are perfect to use as place settings or favor gifts.  Free standing, these frames are sweet and not too big so they don't take up much room and I know from experience that is a plus when planning for a baby shower! 

There is a frame for Its a girl and Its a boy.  Each one has a pacifier charm attatched to the base for added cuteness.  Whether you need one as a gift for the new arrival or a bunch for a whole party these can be created to fit your needs. 

                                       For more information on purchasing these great items come
          visit  There are many ideas and items to choose
          from and custom work is always accepted...see you at WhisperKiss Creations

They say its your birthday...

How do you make sure that the birthday boy/girl gets it is!  This picture frame pin is super eye catching with the bright colors and Birthday ribbon.  I was inspired to create this pin when I say the just screemed celebration!  

Thursday, January 12, 2012

Viva la France!!

This is a dangle picture frame accessory keychain inspired by the Eiffel Tower charm that proudly hangs from the bottom.
France is known for its fashion forward style and I think this piece is a perfect example of that.


Sunday, January 8, 2012

Pop the question picture frame...Are YOU ready??

Are YOU ready to "pop the question"?
This picture frame from is a new and unique way to ask the love of your life the BIG question! 
Just imagine your honey walking into the house or restaurant or even work and there hanging from the wall for everyone to see is the question she has been waiting to hear since the moment you met.  Once you step out from your hiding spot and get down on one knee you ask her out loud and she cries "YES"!! 
Now a picture can be put into this frame taken of the two of you on the day you both will cherish most and you can hang it for all to see...even use it as table decor on your wedding day!  So many possibilities but the tears will flow and your love will grow!

The ultimate birthday pin on party favor!

Here it is...the BEST birthday party favor around to date!  A picture frame pin on accessory.  Just place a photo in the slot and you have a party favor that will be talked about for years to come (at least till the next year)  The picture can be switched out and this pin can be reused again and again.  Created with a rigid top loader sports card protector this pin protects your photo forever and at the same time displays the birthday boy/girl in all their glory!  I create many styles of these pins and also do custom orders as well!  Stop by my shop at anytime day or night and recieve a 10% discount by using coupon code blog10...on any item not just the one featured here!

Saturday, January 7, 2012

She's at the starting line...3...2...1...BLOG

   So here I sit on a Saturday night in January 2012, blogging.  BLOGGING WTF but I am taking a BIG leap of faith (more like a leap of desperation) attempting to start my own business.  Sometimes we all have to do things that scare us, right?  Well I have tackled obsticles before but this my friends is a doozy...yes I said a doozy!  I am terrified and elated at the same time.  Ready to enter the world of facebook fanning, tweeting etc...
  I begin here a beginning that I hope will end with a serious business and making a mark on the world which I guess as of yet other than procreating twice (which is one of those obsticles fore mentioned) I feel I have not done.  It all started as an innocent soccer game mothers chat that quickly turned into me having the idea of taking some of my creating skills and bringing them to a site called Etsy.  Now I initially wasn't even sure what my fellow mommy was talking about but soon learned that Etsy is a site that is kind of like "creative ebay".  You create some form of item and attempt to sell it to many other people doing the same thing.  As I type this I again feel like I am absolutely crazy even attempting to do this but I am one of those people that once I get turned on I can't be turned off.  I definately am turned on to Etsy and my shop within WhisperKiss Creations.  Just as a side note I named the shop after our puppy Whisper Kiss...silly but the name struck me and influenced my product which is picture frames.  I create photo frames from top loader rigid sports card protecters.  Frames that are as light as a Whisper and sweet as a Kiss.
  Where did this GRAND vision come from you ask...long story short my dad is a nacar card collector and actually sold on the infamous ebay for a while.  He has since decided to let the thousands of cards in his collection sit and collect dust but his left over protectors gave me an idea.  So it began...
  My shop is a work in progress but I am proud of my little fish in the big fishbowl of online selling!   I plan to use this blog as a bit of a sounding board hopefully a good tool to lt people into my world and perhaps even visit my shop and be inspired.  Valentines day IS coming up!
  I have 18 sales and I am slowly but surely finding my own way in this world of the web.  I'll keep you posted! :-)