Saturday, January 7, 2012

She's at the starting line...3...2...1...BLOG

   So here I sit on a Saturday night in January 2012, blogging.  BLOGGING WTF but I am taking a BIG leap of faith (more like a leap of desperation) attempting to start my own business.  Sometimes we all have to do things that scare us, right?  Well I have tackled obsticles before but this my friends is a doozy...yes I said a doozy!  I am terrified and elated at the same time.  Ready to enter the world of facebook fanning, tweeting etc...
  I begin here a beginning that I hope will end with a serious business and making a mark on the world which I guess as of yet other than procreating twice (which is one of those obsticles fore mentioned) I feel I have not done.  It all started as an innocent soccer game mothers chat that quickly turned into me having the idea of taking some of my creating skills and bringing them to a site called Etsy.  Now I initially wasn't even sure what my fellow mommy was talking about but soon learned that Etsy is a site that is kind of like "creative ebay".  You create some form of item and attempt to sell it to many other people doing the same thing.  As I type this I again feel like I am absolutely crazy even attempting to do this but I am one of those people that once I get turned on I can't be turned off.  I definately am turned on to Etsy and my shop within WhisperKiss Creations.  Just as a side note I named the shop after our puppy Whisper Kiss...silly but the name struck me and influenced my product which is picture frames.  I create photo frames from top loader rigid sports card protecters.  Frames that are as light as a Whisper and sweet as a Kiss.
  Where did this GRAND vision come from you ask...long story short my dad is a nacar card collector and actually sold on the infamous ebay for a while.  He has since decided to let the thousands of cards in his collection sit and collect dust but his left over protectors gave me an idea.  So it began...
  My shop is a work in progress but I am proud of my little fish in the big fishbowl of online selling!   I plan to use this blog as a bit of a sounding board hopefully a good tool to lt people into my world and perhaps even visit my shop and be inspired.  Valentines day IS coming up!
  I have 18 sales and I am slowly but surely finding my own way in this world of the web.  I'll keep you posted! :-)

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