Wednesday, July 4, 2012

WhisperKiss Says...

Hello my Loyal followers :-)

I am beginning a new blog called WhisperKiss Says.  My furry kids continue to teach me so many things and we recently were lucky enough to adopt an additional Bernese Lady.  So it is 3 dogs 3 cats and 2 kids%^$%...yeah we are way out numbered!

Since WhisperKiss is the not only the namesake of my on line shop but a key reason I started looking at life in a new and remarkable way!  

Everyday is a joy and if we could all look at life through the eyes of a dog we would be in a much better world right now!  This being said I am going to be blogging about life through the eyes of my WhisperKiss...I hope you all feel the love and happiness that we are blessed with!

Keep your eyes on your siblings at all times...sometimes they get one more cookie than you!

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